Special Collections Personnel

Operation Launchpad

Where it all begins.

New candidates for the SCP Foundation; Avril O'Malley, Father Aleixo Alfonso Claro, Mr. Cyril Venator, Leobotas III, and SGT Ross McDonough were tasked from their feeder agencies to the town of Falkirk, Scotland. In Falkirk, they were to find the St. Andrews Church and find a powerful, yet unidentified Artifact and bring it to a contact at the Rabbies Pub, a front for an SCP safehouse. It would be here they meet their handler, LT John Hickox, who informs them all of the true nature of their mission, which is to come together as the newest SCP Strike Team. 

The mission begins on a pitch black night at the end of winter, it is cold and a heavy mist pours over the town from the bay to the east. The dense fog not only further obscures vision, but also stifles noise. Footsteps fall a little quieter in the fog, which after investigation was found to be supernatural in nature. The St. Andrews Church rests in the exact center of the town of Falkirk. The town itself is one of the industrial powerhouses of pre-war UK. The entire region is responsible for the creation of about half of the Royal Navy. Falkirk itself is moderately sized, with a moderate population. The St. Andrews Church is in the large square in the town.

The agents descend upon St. Andrews in the night, utilizing various infiltration methods (either laying in wait in the church itself or attempting a frontal ingress of the building). Unbeknownst to the fledgling team, a similar expedition is being undertaking under the leadership of SS LT Markus HammersmithOnce inside the church, the Agents quickly learned that the Nazis had a single-minded mission and, while there were a large number of them, they seemed hellbent on raiding the churchs' Reliquary. Only being engaged by the higher ranking members of the SS platoon, the team yet found themselves disjointed, scattered and swarmed as the Nazis storm the church. LT Hammersmith engaged three members of the team by himself and was able to successfully subdue them long enough to effect an escape.

In the basement, one of the Nazis found the artifact that the team was seeking. Father Aleix was the first on the scene and discovered the peculiar nature of St. Kolbe's Toy. It was a simple, pink rubber ball. However, upon being bounced against a surface, it would gain incredible momentum and launch itself at twice the rate it was bounced initially. After several harrowing minutes of narrowly dodging a quick death and several botched capture attempts, the artifact was safely captured in the helmet of Leobotas and subsequently tucked away in Agent Venator's briefcase.

On the way out, one of the team overhears a fleeing Nazi referring to a Ferry Rendevous.

Following the events at St. Andrews, the team officially introduced themselves. Upon realizing they all had been given similar enough orders, they realized they were not enemies and sought transport to Edinburgh as a group. After a brief stop at the train station, they realize that they have several hours to kill before the next train departs to Edinburgh and they decide to break up the Nazi Ferry Rendevous. They head west out of town on foot nearly two miles, to the ferry crossing of the local river. There, they discover another, smaller group of Nazis who are tending to a flatboat. It is also apparent that this is the source of the otherworldly fog that has made the city silent and dark. Dispatching the Nazis, the group burns the boat after stealing the catalyst for the spell that created the fog.

The following morning the team boards a train to Edinburgh. There, they meet their handler, Lt. Hickox, who explains the nature of the SCP Organization. After a lengthy discussion with him concerning who he is, what their tasks would consist of and who they now report to, Lt. Hickox sends them to Geneva, Switzerland for their next mission.


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