Special Collections Personnel

Operation Homemaker

No place like home.

Following their conversation with LT John Hickox the team, now fully acquainted and given the breadth of their new assignment, are sent to a remote spot in the woods surrounding Lake Geneva, Switzerland, to clear a supposed safehouse. This safehouse will serve as their base of operations near the headquarters of the SCP.

Given several weeks to accomplish this task, the team sets out immediately attempting to find the best method of travel to Switzerland. They opt for a combination of train and air travel, to be both efficient and economically costed. While on a layover in London, Father Aleixo seeks out the Wizards' College at Cambridge University to attempt to buy a ritual book to record and cast powerful spells out of. Him and Avril go to Cambridge via train and are allowed entry into the Wizards' College as oddities. The college openly welcomes Father Aleixo, however, they openly mock the Warlock as an inferior caster. After a minor altercation with the head librarian, Avril is barred from the college forever. Father Aleixo on the other hand is welcomed back without restriction. He purchases his book and the two depart back to London to find the rest of the group has been drinking since they left.

Upon landing in Geneva the group sets out immediately across a ferry on Lake Geneva to find their safehouse, with the help of a poorly drawn map. The group spends several cold hours in the wilderness attempting to find the correct path. Through twisty and thick underbrushed trails, the group eventually heads in the right direction. The land is littered with absolutely massive anthills, this unsettles many of them. After wandering down the northernmost path, the party are assailed by bandits. The bandits appear to be very disheveled and look as though they haven't bathed in a while. During that encounter, both groups are beset on all sides by hordes of biting and stinging insects. The swarms quickly engulf and devour one of the bandits and then set about to eat the party. After this encounter, Avril has decided she has had enough and strikes out on her own, in an attempt to not get eaten by bugs this day. After a half hour by herself she is turned back with a haunting vision from her patron.

During the split up, the rest of the party continues to soldier on. They follow a small side trail that one of them spotted a surviving bandit flee down. On this path, they feel tremors along the ground and see bigger and bigger anthills. They come across an ant working party and are turned back by the Soldier ants, the encounter ends peacefully as the Soldiers do not stray too far from the Workers.

After some time searching through the rest of the woods, the party emerges into a very large clearing in the woods where a large, white, victorian style home dominates the scenery and from around the corner they notice an incredibly massive Ankheg barreling down on Agent Avril. Avril wills all her power into a single shot and hurts it enough to distract it while the rest of the party shows up to aid her. The party faces two of the massive creatures, coming out of the encounter barely alive with most of their healing and abilities used up, the party seeks a respite. They go for the house.

They find the house is locked and booby trapped and find several codes to decypher. The party spends the better part of an afternoon utilizing what tradecraft they had picked up to decypher the Ceasar and Atbash cyphers in order to correctly unlock the door and disable the traps. Father Alexio uses this time to make a fire, as it's getting late, dark and cold. He takes a nap next to the fire. The rest of the party explores the house, and are amazed at what they see. They find that it is much larger on the inside than it is on the outside. There is a meeting room, a dining room, full kitchen (stocked with food) on the first floor. The upstairs has exactly five rooms in it with large beds, chests of drawers and individual fireplaces. The basement has a small laboratory, a grinding wheel, a tiny library, a workbench and some free space. Agents Ross and Leo begin cleaning their weapons and examining the library respectively. Agent Venator is suspicious of the house, yet knows this is where they are to be using as a base, and so does not enter the house until later in the day and instead begins digging a large trench around the house, as protection. Agent Avril spends time jumping on the bed in the room she chose as hers and takes a nap.

The team spends the next day getting acquainted with their new safehouse, which, to their surprise, beging molding itself to be esthetically and functionally more pleasing to them. The bedrooms mold themselves to be more comfortable, the basement functional area gets slightly more developed over time. This is offsetting to the entire party as they are suspicious of the transformations. During the next day they are called back by LT. Hickox to Geneva. There, they meet him at the LON-SCP HQ, in a guarded room of the LON HQ. They receive payment, in the form of $500 each and are informed that they should seek to rearm and purchase supplies for themselves, then spend the next week acquainting themselves with the house.

Currently the team is doing just that, while awaiting their next set of mission orders.


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