The year is 1938. The world is still reeling from the Great War, the Great Depression and, most frighteningly of them all, the meteoric rise of the Third Reich. Staring into the jaws of an encroaching global war, the nations of the world begin taking sides and preparing for a tumultuous and deadly decade. Just under the surface of this high-tension situation, a secret war has been raging for decades. Fueled by a lust for power and a need for genetic dominance, minions of the Third Reich relentlessly scour the globe in search of powerful Artifacts in order to further their devious goal. Constantly opposing them, are the agents of the League of Nations, a powerful, multi-national organization bent on establishing world peace. These agents fight desperately to keep the world from being enslaved, or worse. Greetings and Salutations, Agents, and welcome to the League of Nations Special Collections Personnel division. Good hunting!

Special Collections Personnel

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